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2021 Q4 211 Blog


Help your neighbors get the help they need with a gift to 211.

Millions of Americans need help recovering from the devastating effects of the pandemic. You can give them the help they need.

By supporting 211info, you help connect struggling families in our region, nearly 5,000 a day, with essential services and resources in times of crisis.

211info is powered by real people — trained specialists who work to identify and address the root causes of a client’s problem. That means from the first hello, someone in crisis is reaching a real person who can provide a connection to help.

In a crisis, in a disaster, in a pandemic, 211 is here to help every person in every community find food, pay for housing and bills, and connect to other essential services.

Many people continue to feel the impact of the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly lower-income Americans, people of color and those without a college degree. As our neighbor’s struggle, 211 is still fielding more than double its normal calls, mostly for help with housing, bills and food. We need your help to make sure this critical resource continues in communities across the U.S. and Canada.

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