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Kathye Beck
 -Executive Director

Joy Boren
 -Administrative Assistant 

 UW Executive Committee

Diane Dunn

Ben Buss
 -1st Vice President

Chris Kaleta
 -2nd Vice President

Erica Kemp

Henry Heimuller

Our Mission

"To increase the organized capacity  for people to  care for one another."

United Way of Columbia County, Oregon, was established in 1964 to carry out just one fundraising drive to fund locally necessary social services. From these humble beginnings, our local United Way has expanded the ability to help fund more than 30 individual local programs. That's  programs designed to meet the needs of local  Columbia County residents and families.

We can't do it without your help. Even one small gift, made simple by using payroll deduction, or by donating through our PayPal account,  gives all year long to help meet community needs! 

It is never to early or to late to make a donation to your local United Way!

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