Leading The Way in Our Community
Leading The Way


United Way mobilizes communities to action so all can thrive. Here in Columbia County, we help people make a difference for our neighbors, especially when it comes to health, youth opportunity, and economic security.

Ensuring Health Communities

At United Way of Columbia County we are committed to the health of our neighbors. Food insecurity and limited access to health services and health education can significantly undermine our community’s ability to reach its full potential. According to ALICE for Oregon, a family of 4 needs to budget $1,520 each month for basic food needs. By supporting organizations, like Columbia Pacific Food Bank, Hope of Rainier, Turning Point, and Vernonia Cares, that healthy foods more accessible, we help build communities where all of our neighbors are not just surviving but also contributing effectively to their own well-being. When people are healthy, they can work, volunteer, and actively participate in the community. Our approach doesn’t just tackle problems on the surface but seeks to create a healthy foundation for everyone in our community.

Unlocking Future Success through Youth Opportunity

Education is also a cornerstone for success in school, work and life. We partner with early childhood programs such as Northwest Regional ESD, offering tangible benefits like support to accessing early learning resources, such as Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. What this means for families is simple yet powerful: kids who read well early on have a better chance of graduating high school, and more. Our United Way seeks not just to meet immediate educational needs but to build a strong foundation for every child in our community.

How Can You Help?

We are making meaningful strides, but challenges remain. Far too many people in our community struggle to meet basic needs, and too many children risk falling behind. It’s not a problem one sector or organization can solve. But with your support, we can shift the odds for our neighbors. You can help lead the way for a better future for Columbia County. Please donate today.